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Insurance HSA/FSA

Insurance HSA/FSA For Massage


Many health insurance plans may cover therapeutic massage if it is doctor approved but at this time Massage In KC does not process insurance claims.  We can however provide a receipt of service with our (NPI) National Provider Identifier number to turn into your insurance for reimbursement, if medically approved by a doctor.  You must follow up with your insurance to determine eligibility.

We do process HSA & FSA cards but you must confirm if they are covered under Merchant Classification Code (MCC) 8099 'Medical Services and Health Practitioners, Not Elsewhere Classified.' HSA/FSA cards may have restrictions as to what Merchant Classification Codes are accepted. 


If you utilize a health savings account (HSA), or flexible savings account (FSA), to defer funds tax-free from your salary, this money can be put towards many types of medical needs.   


Covering therapeutic massage with your savings plans must meet certain criteria to be qualified as a medical expense and you must obtain a prescription from your doctor.


Examples of illnesses that could qualify include carpal tunnel syndrome, stress, back pain, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and pain management.

In order for you prescription to qualify for IRS regulations, your physician will need to provide the following:


1.  Why do you need massage therapy?  (Example: to relieve back pain, reduce stress/anxiety, prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.)

2.  How frequent do you need treatment?  (Example: 2 sessions per month)

3.  How long should you receive treatment?  (Example: 6 months, a year)

After you’ve obtained your prescription, keep it with your tax documents should you ever be asked to verify the expense.   It is not necessary that Masssage In KC receive a copy of your prescription. 

The Affordable Care Act may allow you to pay for massages for a spouse and even a dependents under the age of 27, if he or she has a qualifying medical condition. 

IRS Regulations on HSAs and more:

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